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UMTV Pulse 24

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—New Year, New Pulse!—Get down to a whole new beat with 30 minutes of non-stop entertainment! Check out our new segments, featuring celebrity gossip, college life, fashion, music, and lifestyle…...We’ve got the latest in entertainment news on and off-campus!



UMTV Pulse is the newest UMTV show at the University of Miami produced and run by students. It is a web based show that covers topics from fashion, music, greek life, to on and off campus events.

When to Watch

Weekly on the UMTV website, Facebook, and Twitter



Rebekah Chung
Executive Producer

Rebekah Chung is a sophomore at the University of Miami majoring in broadcast journalism and Political science. Chung is co-executive producer of UMTV Pulse after hosting the show her freshman year. During her time at UMTV, she has worked as a reporter for NewsVision and Sportsdesk, and host of Newsbreak. She has covered a variety of on-campus and local events, including the annual Baseball Fanfest, the Miami Book Fair, and the Dolphin's Cancer Challenge.

Briana Gotay
Executive Producer

Briana Gotay, from New Jersey, is a senior at the University of Miami. She has been involved with Pulse since her Junior year as a reporter, videographer, editor.  Briana also writes for the campus magazine, Distraction.  Her major is Electronic Media with a minor in Music.  Briana hopes to create an impact in the music and entertainment industry.  In her spare time she teaches herself guitar and writes poetry.