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Auditions will take place on Friday, September 6th in both studios. Please review the audition requirements below and SIGN UP AGAIN even if you had a slot previously. I know many of you were unable to book an audition last time. As a result, the windows have been extended and individual slots have been shortened from 15 to 10 minutes each. If all the slots are full, we will accept walk-in auditions, but please make every effort to book a scheduled time. In the "description" box of the form, please indicate which show(s) you are auditioning for at that time. This will allow the Executive Producers to prepare for your audition. Let Ben know if you have any questions at Thank you for your patience!!



Friday, September 6th from 9am - 5pm in Studio B (Wolfson 1008B)
Write 1-2 page autobiography. Writing test​-must convert one to two wire stories into broadcast format. Cold read from teleprompter​, news quiz​ and class schedule. If time slots are full walk-ins are accepted.


Friday, September 6th from 9am - 5pm in Studio B (Wolfson 1008B)
Write and bring a 1-2 page autobiography/ personal statement. Be prepared for a cold read, a news quiz, and a writing test. If time slots are full walk-ins are accepted.


Friday, September 6th from 9am - 5pm in Studio B (Wolfson 1008B)
Write and bring a 20-25 second sports story. Be prepared for a cold read, highlight voiceover, and a sports quiz. If time slots are full walk-ins are accepted.

The Culture

Wednesday, September 11th from 5pm - 7:30pm in Studio C (Wolfson 1008C)
The first half of the audition is a conversation, quizzing the talent on the show as well as the latest stories in pop culture. For the second part of the auditions they will choose two segments and sit on the panel for those segments with past panelist. They will engage in a two minute conversation with the panelist that will be recorded. This is to test their on camera presence and see how the hold their ground in a discussion. The topic will be given when students enter the audition room so they must be up to date on the latest events in their chosen topic. Please come camera ready! We cant wait to see what you’ve got.

UMTV Pulse

September 6th from 9:00am - 2pm in Studio C (Wolfson 1008C)
Write and bring one or two 20-30 second scripts written in broadcast style that you will read. Come dressed to be on air (trendy but appropriate).


September 6th from 11am - 4pm in Studio C (Wolfson 1008C)
Be prepared for a cold read in English and Spanish and come dressed to be on air.


September 6th from 4:00pm - 8pm in Studio B (Wolfson 1008B)
Be prepared to present the weather forecast using already-prepared graphics in front of the green screen. You will also be taking a short weather quiz about basic terminology.

For questions about auditions contact Alexis Morales at