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SportsDesk 10-26-18

Published 2 years ago

Tonight on SportsDesk: Trouble is brewing for one Miami quarterback... again. Our In The Trenches reporters are live at the University of Miami Rathskellar to break down tonight's matchup. And the Canes defeat the Seminoles three times this Fall. All in dramatic fashion.<br /> <br /> SportsDesk <br /> UMTV's Weekly Sports Program <br /> LIVE @ 7:00 PM (EST)<br /> <br /> Website:<br /> <br /> Twitter:<br /> <br /> University of Miami School of Communication<br /> <br /> »<br /> <br /> »<br /> <br /> »<br /> <br /> »<br /> <br /> UMTV Live webcasts are best viewed with up-to-date versions of Google Chrome & Mozilla Firefox desktop browsers and iOS & Android mobile devices. <br /> <br /> Copyright © 2018 UMTV University of Miami Television

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SportsDesk is an award-winning half-hour show featuring both national and UM sports. This weekly show airs LIVE every Friday at 7 pm and highlights the best of the week’s sports with interviews of Hurricane athletes and coaches, commentary, and in-depth analysis of upcoming games.

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