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The Culture Season 4 Episode 2

Published 1 year ago

Are Black people expected to forgive when we have been wronged? The Round Table discusses the death of Botham Jean and the many questions it brings up. Hella Shade dives into the BET Hip Hop Awards to have a battle of the babies: DaBaby vs. Lil Baby. They also talk about the opening of Tyler Perry Studios. Elephants are taking over the yoga game and we were there to tell the story! This and so much more on Season 4 Episode 2 of The Culture! Y’all still tuned in?

ABOUT TheCulture

The Culture is UMTV’s first and only show highlighting the Black experience. The fifteen minute program covers cultural, political, entertainment, and sports. Stories are produced and edited by students at University of Miami that identify with "The Culture". Join us as we dive into understanding each other and the world we live in.

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