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OTW 149

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On this week’s episode of Off The Wire, returning host, Danny New, takes the stage to face his childhood fears and jam out with Tabby B!!!!



Off The Wire UMTV’s award-winning late night comedy show that explores the irony and idiosyncrasies of pop culture, politics, and college life. Local Miami personalities, live antics, witty jokes, and original comedy sketches are the cornerstones of the show that is taped before a live studio audience.

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Jeanette Hamilton
Executive Producer

Jeanette Hamilton swam to the United States as a very young child. No one knows exactly when or from where. Over the many, many decades she has been alive, Jeanette has remained inexplicably youthful. Dermatologists hate her! This hardcore memer is a Journalism major with minors in Creative Writing and Motion Pictures. Jeanette's path to becoming Executive Producer of Off The Wire, which will ultimately lead to ruling the world, began in her very first semester at UM, when she joined OTW. She is set to graduate in May of 2017.

Nicholas Punales
Executive Producer

Nicholas Punales started off being undeclared at Miami Dade College, transferred to UM as a nursing major, and is now part of the graduating class of 2017 as a Film Major on the Production track.  He only joined Off the Wire because a good friend of his wouldn't shut up about it, and now he's stuck.  He also is a member of Delta Kappa Alpha, the Professional Cinema Fraternity on campus.  But wait, there's more! On top of that he holds a part time job at a 5801 Productions, a small Kendall based production company.  His dream job is anyplace that lets him wear shorts to work.