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Host Elayna Paulk sits down with comedian Kat Toledo (Warning: she may or may not remove her eye during her stand up). Plus, Chad Chadster pitches you a new workout tool that can be found in the underworld, and 'Tej, The Man of a Thousand Voices' swings by the studio.



Off The Wire UMTV’s award-winning late night comedy show that explores the irony and idiosyncrasies of pop culture, politics, and college life. Local Miami personalities, live antics, witty jokes, and original comedy sketches are the cornerstones of the show that is taped before a live studio audience.

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Tuesday > 10:00 PM & 11:00 PM
Thursday > 10:00 PM & 11:00 PM
Saturday > 10:00 PM & 11:00 PM



Savannah Geary
Executive Producer

Savannah Geary is a junior majoring in Ecosystem Science and Policy and minoring in Biology and Film. She has been a part of Off the Wire since her freshman year, and has used the show as a way to learn film and television techniques outside of the classroom. In addition to Off the Wire, she is also a member of the ECO board of UM's student government and has begun her own YouTube channel. She is set to graduate in 2017 and hopes to work in the field of science communication.

Danny New
Executive Producer

Hey how's it going? Good to hear. Just kidding, you are reading, and I can't hear you right now. But you can read! You can read that my name is Danny, and that this is my second semester as EP of this rad-tastic comedy program. I love jokes! I am from New Jersey. Stop laughing, that one was not a joke. Everything I do is aimed towards hosting my own late-night talk show one day, so I plan to use my passion for this format and my five semesters of experience on this program to put this semester's season on the fast-growing Mount Rushmore of UMTV late-night comedy.