NewsVision is a weekly half-hour campus news show.
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SportsDesk is a weekly show on national sports and the Hurricanes.
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The Culture
The Culture is a 15-minute program highlighting the Black experience.
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Off The Wire
Off The Wire is a late-night comedy show exploring humor in college life.
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Pulse focuses on music, entertainment and the Miami lifestyle.
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NewsBreak delivers fast-paced news headlines, keeping you in the know.
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CanesCast offers local forecasts and news about weather and climate.
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UniMiami is a Spanish-language show about issues affecting young Latinos.
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PrimeTime, UMTV's newest show

UMTV’s award-winning show is a collaborative newsmagazine between our faculty and students. Watch PrimeTime »


UMTV’s broadcast studios offer students a professional education in a cutting-edge environment. Learn More »