SoC End of Year 2014

It was an exciting year in the School of Communication. A number of new initiatives began, student groups excelled in competition and the School continues to grow to be a leader in the field around the world. Check out the highlights in this year-end video!



Undergraduate Experience

Check out some of the experience that undergraduate students can expect at the School of Communication.



Newsvision 2012 Election Edition

Special presentation of the 2012 Presidential Election



 Love Colored Black

In South Florida, the commercial sex industry has struck at all walks of life and the number of those affected continues to rise. "Love Colored Black" takes a closer look at the victims of the heinous crime, the ways they try to cope with the lasting trauma, and how their lives were forever altered.

Produced by CEM 345 Spring 2012.

 Motion Pictures program brings acclaimed film producer Jon Landau to UM

Academy Award-winning film producer Jon Landau shared behind-the-scenes secrets from the making of his hit movies Titanic and Avatar, as well as the just-released Titanic 3D, with School of Communication students on April 9 during a special visit to the UM campus.

Motion pictures professor John Soliday moderated a Q&A session with the audience at a packed Shoma Hall.

Landau surprised students by taking out his Oscar from his backpack and inviting them to take photos with it.

 President Obama speech at the University of Miami

February 23, 2012 — Coral Gables — With another spike in gasoline prices now causing consumers to pay more at the pump, President Barack Obama visited the University of Miami on Thursday to tout his energy policies. Obama delivered his message of sound energy practices at his next stop on the UM campus, the BankUnited Center Fieldhouse, where, before more than 1,400 attendees—many of them students—he laid out his administration’s plan for a more energy-efficient nation that’s less dependent on foreign oil.

Read the whole story at: http://www.miami.edu/index.php/news/releases/obama_touts_energy_policies_during_um_visit/


 ‘2012 Elections and the Impact on Latinos in the U.S.’

The School of Communication and the National Association of Hispanic Journalists (NAHJ) presented a panel discussion and Q&A on how the upcoming 2012 elections in both the U.S. and Latin America affect Latinos on Feb. 17, 2012 in the SoC's Shoma Hall.

Panelists included Univision news anchor Maria Elena Salinas, Julio Cesar Camacho from Actualidad 1020 AM Miami, and Dominican journalist Dario Medrano. SoC director of broadcast operations, Natalia Crujeiras, moderated the discussion.

This year elections are held not only in the U.S., but also Mexico, Venezuela, and the Dominican Republic. The panel discussed who the candidates are from each country and how the rising population of Latinos in the U.S. influences them.   

“The School of Communication was very pleased to host the ‘2012 Elections and the Impact on Latinos in the U.S.’ panel discussion,” said Crujeiras. “This superb group of panelists brought insightful analysis of the electoral process.” 


House of Hope: Lending a Hand in Times of Need

Just off of 11th Ave in the heart of of the Jackson Memorial Medical Center lies a House of Hope. The Ronald McDonald House Charity Home of South Florida is a place for families to stay while their child receives medical attention at the nearby facilities. But for many, it's much more than just a roof over their head, it's a place to call home.  

Produced by CEM 345 Fall 2011.


All About The U

All About the U takes us back to the history of the University of Miami, its growth as a respected academic institution, and the plans for its future.  

The program was produced by CEM 608, Spring 2011.


Through Their Eyes

The Jewish population has overcome one of the worst genocides in History. Rich traditions have been passed down even after the generation sustained the loss of six million people. It is through the eyes of those who experienced the horror of the holocaust that Jewish culture has been all will continue to be preserved. 

Produced by CEM 345, Spring 2011


Redrawing Miami

An exploration into Miami's growing art scene. The project looks at how Miami’s Wynwood Arts District is slowly but surely redefining the city as an arts-rich metropolis.

Produced by CEM 345, Fall 2010


Bocas on the Brink

Bocas del Toro province is considered one of the most beautiful Caribbean destinations and a tourists’ favorite. But its international recognition has also put some areas of this Panamanian coast paradise on the brink of economic and environmental catastrophe.

Produced for UMTV by Gaby Loria and Joanna Suarez, Class of 2010





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