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7 months 4 weeks ago

Join us as Paul Schulz takes the stage for his senior debut as host of Off the Wire with a special interview and performance by singer and songwriter, Alessia.



Off The Wire UMTV’s award-winning late night comedy show that explores the irony and idiosyncrasies of pop culture, politics, and college life. Local Miami personalities, live antics, witty jokes, and original comedy sketches are the cornerstones of the show that is taped before a live studio audience.



Jeremy Erdheim
OTW Host

Jeremy David Erdheim is a Junior at the University of Miami. He has been a member of Off the Wire since his mom told him to join Freshman year. Mr. Erdheim has held the position of Head Writer and Executive Producer and is now ready to take all the credit for everyone's work as the Host. Jeremy’s biggest flaw is his inability to write in the third person because I get confused halfway through. Tune in to watch Jeremy and the Off the Wire crew! Do people still say tune in? I mean that’s not technically accurate anymore, just watch, or don’t, up to you.

Danny LaRose
Executive Producer

Danny LaRose is a senior at the University of Miami, and is looking for someone with similar interests who’s looking to settle down and just say to hell with the single life. He likes long walks on the beach, eating pizza, and wearing wacky hats! Also, if you’re interested just know that there might be a little hiccup with the police it’s a whole thing he’s sorting out they thought he was this creepy guy at a playground when really he was just sitting there MINDING HIS OWN BUSINESS NOT TOUCHING ANYONE. But anyway I digress. Call me!