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Where does UMTV produce its programming?

UMTV is owned and operated by the School of Communication, and its studios are on the ground floor of the Frances L. Wolfson building. University of Miami students produce the majority of the programming.

Who is in charge?

UMTV is a joint production of students and faculty of the School of Communication. UMTV has an executive board (E-board) made up of a dedicated set of producers, student leaders and the Director of Broadcast Operations. University of Miami students also make up UMTV's volunteer crew and on-air talent.

How do I start a new program?

Students who have a new programming idea must meet the following requirements:

  1. Complete at least one semester as a volunteer for UMTV.
  2. Recruit a member of the broadcast faculty to serve as an advisor for the pilot and the series, if approved.
  3. Submit a written proposal explaining the concept of the program, the basic format and production elements as well as production requirements.
  4. Recruit staff personnel and studio/field crew. Confirm studio and technical support availability.
  5. Go before the UMTV E-board and present proposal.
  6. Once the proposal is approved, the student will produce a pilot program. If the pilot is approved by the E-board, the program will become part of the UMTV programming line up.

Can I help with Promoting UMTV?

Please help spread the word about UMTV around campus! From developing promotional campaigns to designing flyers, UMTV Promotions handles all promotions for the station as well as many of UMTV's great programs.

Follow these steps to get involved:

Fill out the Volunteer Form located here.


Equipment Rental
Rent production equipment from the School of Communication Equipment Room.

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SoC Production Handbook
Everything you need to know about media production at the SoC.

Fall 2020 Auditions



Monday - Friday: 7:30AM - 10:30PM
Saturday: 11:00AM - 7:00PM
Sunday: 1:00PM - 9:00PM

Rules and Regulations

Don’t mishandle equipment in the editing suites. If you’re not sure how to use ask your professor, UMTV staff or technician.

If equipment isn’t working properly don’t force it or try to fix it. Don’t try to turn it off or reset it. Report the problem to a professor, an engineer or a technician.

No food or drinks are allowed. NO EXCEPTIONS. There are plenty of areas outside the suites where you can enjoy your food or beverage.

Keep all exits clear and free of obstruction. Make sure your belongings re out of the main areas in the editing suites.

Clean up after yourself. Clean up any scripts, notes, pens, pencils, etc. put equipment where it belongs. The goal is to leave the suites clean, organized, clutter-free and safe.