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Special Presentation: Python Pursuit

For the past several decades, the Florida Everglades have faced an unusual threat — giant snakes that don’t belong there. Burmese pythons, which are an invasive species, have taken over the Everglades in staggering numbers, eating their way through this fragile ecosystem, and threatening the existence of native fauna and flora. UMTV Special Presentation: Python […]

Special Presentation: Election Night 2020

Tonight on the UMTV 2020 Election Special, road to election night, we recap the journey for tonight’s race to the White House. Plus, we’ll tell you about one on-campus feud over campaign lawn signs and how it has left the student body divided. Also tonight, all eyes on Florida. We’ll show you live poll coverage […]

COVID-19: Special Presentation: May 6, 2020

On this edition of COVID-19, A UMTV Special Presentation, we bring you the latest on the Coronavirus pandemic and how the University of Miami is planning for the fall semester; a look at some UM students who are giving back to their communities through protective gear; and how hurricane season may stir up a storm […]